2 months to go!

Yep, about 60 days, as February is short. I start to get excited. Still many things to do but also several others done. Hopefully Daniel will take the apartment and most of the furniture. It will make things easier. My apartment rent is now 1500chf and a raise is expected due renovation of the kitchen. I hope will not be a problem for Daniel. Other people is interested in few of the furniture, but they don’t stop asking for cheaper price when I’m making already 50% off the price of new. And furniture is not a car, it gets much less used with the time than a polluting engine.

What is taking time to decide is about the insurance. Basically it exists worldnomads which makes a long trip travel insurance. BUT, their trip ends when you come back to your home country, no matter how long more the policy lasts. It shits if I decide to visit my family. Then they say you can buy shorter policies and renew. But they also write that they stop any cover as soon as policy ends. In my understanding, if you are in hospital when the policy ends, they will not pay, as it ended. If you renew, they say it was a existing problem, so no cover. Other insurance multi-trip exist BUT, maximum trip time is 31 or 45 days. Not easy. Insurers don’t really insure you. In Portugal I think not find any long trip insurance either. I’ll try next week.

Eva is also searching for people for her apartment who would take the furniture as well. Is nice and shity work at same time. But knowing who will take the apartment makes you feel better.

And it is now public that I’m leaving. The gym was the last to know. I told them on wednesday. David accepted (well, no other chance) but was sad as my class is going very well, with more than 25 people going each week.

Dinner time!