Trip extra-financing

One does not leave for a trip like ours without having a certain budget and counting to be able to survive for a certain amount of time not only during the trip but also after it, when still searching for a job, when renting an apartment and having a caution to give, before receiving again the first salary.

Eva and me consider to have enough to travel for a while, we hope until we get tired of it. In any case there are always ideas to get a bit more money and at same time evolve friends and other people with the trip.

Below a list of possible things we might or might not do for raising the budget:
– Support a meal at X – people write down in a envelope where wants the contribution to be used. Inside the envelope puts the contribution and a small word which will be read only when we arrive to X.
– 2010 world calendar – people buy in advance a calendar which will be sent in December with a selection of pictures of places already visited
– Buy a postcard/coin from a certain country, which will be sent when we arrive there

More classic ideas:
– Publishing a book about the trip
– Write column to a newspaper
– Make a blog and put advertisements into it

Other ideas?