Sharing country and city tips 1 – Vienna and Budapest

For sure we are not the first going to most of the cities we plan to visit, and certainly you, knowing us, can propose some good places to discover in our itinerary.

Most likely our first stops will be Vienna and Budapest. In Vienna we have our friend Jan to host us, but we are not staying long because both Eva and me already know the city and mainly because is out of our bugdet. Anyway, we were checking the tips at .

After Vienna we might or not pass by Bratislava but the destination will certainly be Budapest. Eva has strong interest in the city. There we do not know yet where we will be staying and the tips we have are from

So, friends, you have other tips or even hosts in Vienna and/or Budapest, please leave an entry in the comments of this post or send an email to

2 thoughts on “Sharing country and city tips 1 – Vienna and Budapest

  1. In Bratislava it might be nice to check the Castle. Also the rebuilt center of the city is nice, but not very big.

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