Second Life

I don’t need to play “Second Life” on the Internet. I’m about to give a second life to nearly all my belongings.
Today I sold my sofabed – a huge thing I thought I would have to donate to Emmaus or so because nobody seemed to want it. Anyway, someone just bought it (for 10% of its original price… but in Asia this will be a lot of money). For me, this means a “crying eye” and a “happy eye” (as we say in german). It was my “oldest” piece of furniture, bought for me by my mother 11 years ago, when I was in a flatshare and wanted something to sleep and sit on. Later on it served as a sofa, and then was “banished” to the visitors room/office in my last 2 apartments, to host family, friends and couchsurfers. Now I didn’t want to keep it anymore – too big, not practical enough.
Another page turned… later there will be room for a new sofabed.