Body Combat farewell

Next week it will be my last Body Combat class, after about 3 years instructing it. I believe I managed to arrive to a good standard, room is full (about 30 people) everytime, people and I enjoy that hour. The trick is: you need to love what you are doing. One instructor needs to show the passion and transmit to the clients. Next week I expect (too Swiss, forecasting) about 40 people, the room to be more than full. Back kicks need to be avoided like the jumps. I need to find solutions for the track 4 and 6. Otherwise, I’ll try to present tracks I like the most (and I’ve the time to remind the choreography). Base will be still Body Combat 39, but hopefully I’ll put track 3, 5, 8, 9 and 10 from other releases. After it, dinner with who wants to join. Below the poster I did.