Body Combat – stage I – Vienna

Today among other things I did a team-teach of Body Combat in a nice gym in Vienna (Beer’s(!)) with Zuzana. We had great fun, even if unfortunately the class was not very full. I believe I was quite lucky to get accepted and I will retry to have more stages of Body Combat in other cities.

The after BodyCombat dinner (tradition in Geneva) was in a paquistanese restaurant of eat-as-you-want-pay-as-you-want (drinks excepted, but not expensive) together with Jan. Another very nice Viennese experience. Maybe Eva will write more about it.

Rest of the day activity was to re-see Hunderwasser haus, a photo museum (westlicht), coffee at muqua, lunch at nice inner garden and night drink at Flex. Once more things proposed by Spotted by Locals – this time with a link! 🙂