Vienna Highlights

A few places we’ve been to in Vienna which I would like to share:

Wiener Deewan: A different kind of restaurant. They serve pakistani food, you eat as much as you want and in the end pay what you want. You just pay the drinks (but you can also just drink tap water for nothing). The clients: students, families, pakistani groups… I don’t know how they do it to keep homeless people out but it seems to work. Very nice place. Address: Liechtensteinstrasse 10.

Westlicht: A photo gallery with changing exhibitions. We saw Conversation with the Mob by Megan Lewis, pictures of Australian Aborigines. Very interesting. Address: Westbahnstrasse 40.

Haus Wittgenstein: A house built in the 1920’s in the Bauhaus style. Bought by the Bulgarian State in the 70’s and now houses a bulgarian culture institute. We visited the house, had to ring a bell at the entrance and pay 3 Euros, recieved a small guidebook and were free to wander around. No exhibition at the time but they were just preparing one in the basement. Address: Parkgasse 18.