In Cracow. no time to update

Everything goes alright, we are now in Cracow after couple days in Budapest. We will update the blog as soon as the weather goes worst.

7 thoughts on “In Cracow. no time to update

  1. Hey, I dont know in which side of Cracow you are, but here is Spring and after its Summer. Usually the weather starts going worst in Autumn…Do we need to wait untill then for some nice update?
    hope Sun keeps on shining over u 2.

  2. Hey, I have to show some concern about what is happening here.

    first naked ppl riding bikes, then extreme affection demonstration for the paparazzi, and now finally in the map:
    Krakow= “Hotel Mamas Doubles”…
    are you sure this is the way you want to go?

    (just having fun :P)

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