Poland (first) impressions

– Very beautiful Krakow, even on Easter sunday at 7am with everything closed.
– Strange Mamas Doubles hostel in Krakaw, which runs in an apartment like any other, they give you the key in another branch (where are the dorms) and you have free internet, a kitchen where we can have the leftovers (even vodka) from previous hosts, laundry machine, etc and you are there, like in your own apartment.
– Bed sheets (we had this one already in Bulgaria) are exactly the same size as the matress. No going around, nothing. So in the morning, if you move around while sleeping (which I do), you end up sleeping in the mattress it self.
– No bathtub courtain. I wonder how poles (and Eastern people) shower themselves without puting water around. We try the maximum, put it is impossible.

3 thoughts on “Poland (first) impressions

  1. hey guys, I have been a few days w/o checking and so many more posts. You’re only in Poland and already a certain number of interesting differences… Wonder if and how your threshold to the “strange”/”different” will raise as you’ll go along. Hugs, many, Gio

  2. Hi, I experienced showering without curtains in Sofia too, I thought it was because of the hotel, but apparently there was more…thank you for sharing this precious info! 😉
    Have fun guys! Gianni

  3. No bathtub curtain is actually normal in “our part of Europe”. I saw the first one in my life when I was 23 (and in USA). The technique is that no one takes shower: first you fill up the bathtub with water and the least dirty person takes a bath. Then you add a little bit of hot water (because it got colder meanwhile) and 2nd person gets in. And so on…the whole family saves for water (and a shower curtain).
    …A REAL STORY from my childhood!!!…

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