Travel rhythm, updating blog and our notebooks

It is not easy to decide the travel rhythm. Eva sometimes wants more calm while I’m always energetic and sometimes willing to be one day here, another day there, just like if we would not have all the time in the world. At the same time we need to find the moment for ourselves and that is not easy. That is the main reason for not updating the blog so often as you would like. When at peoples house, or in front of ONE computer, we just try to be practical: check emails, check couch surf profiles, write to people… Today we decided – internet cafe and two computers. Side by side we are blogging, talking to people, etc.

One other point is the difference between our notebooks and the blog. There are much more in the notebooks than in the blog and this because one is personal notes while the other is completely public. The way of writing is different, in the notebook I write in Portuguese, here in english; in the notebook I write things I want to remember in few years but not particulary interesting to the public.

Back to the travel rhythm I think we found a compromise of, besides when it will rain (maybe tomorrow, forecasts minimum zero degrees also!), staying doing nothing special concerning sightseeing about once a week. Just sleep late and then go around, find an internet cafe (not always easy), have a big coffee and write.
So do not desperate, we will try at least once a week to have something new here.

2 thoughts on “Travel rhythm, updating blog and our notebooks

  1. I, for one, think you’re doing a great job at blogging, thanks! making me feel a bit bad about not having emailed yet!!! Just know that I do check this to see that you’re having fun and I will write soon. But before that, off to Rome for a few days, for work… and a couple of gelati! Plein de bises, Anne Laure

  2. Hay, cool having the thoughts about rhythm shared – maybe it is just the change from the Geneva-work routine which puts you through this phase of finding a new way, or maybe given the travel you'll never settle on one. You'll let us know.
    Anne and I took a nice (though minuscule, in comparison :-)) trip to Nice and Monaco with a few friends, lovely company, weather, location, and good tennis on Monday.
    Hug you both,

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