Day: April 22, 2009

Miguel PL - Gdansk Poland


Gdansk e aquela cidade que sera bonita enquanto nao houver demasiados turistas. Tal como Varsovia tambem foi totalmente refeita nos anos 50. Aqui e a terra do Lech Walesa – o que trouxe a Polonia para fora do comunismo. Local do Solidarnosc, movimento que diria de esquerda embora na mesma ligado a igreja.

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Finance Miguel

TESO – the expenses tracker

TESO was the name I gave to the expenses tracker on our trip. For sure all portuguese will laugh and that is the idea. Teso in portuguese means, among others, that you are without any money. But for us it means Travel, Eat, Sleep, Others. 🙂 Our Teso budget is in average 60 euros/day (for […]

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Eva PL - Warzaw Poland


We spent the weekend in Warszaw – here are a few impressions.A bit city…. a lot of time spent travelling in buses and trams.Walking around in the “old” town… nice but too many tourists.There was an outdoor exhibition with aerial photos taken by the SS during their air raids over the city. Very impressive. You […]

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