TESO – the expenses tracker

TESO was the name I gave to the expenses tracker on our trip. For sure all portuguese will laugh and that is the idea. Teso in portuguese means, among others, that you are without any money. But for us it means Travel, Eat, Sleep, Others. 🙂

Our Teso budget is in average 60 euros/day (for both), but it changes a lot. There are days like last Monday where we used about 100 euros because of the Bodies exhibition in Warsaw, the train from Warsaw to Malbork, eating in a shopping centre and sleeping in a hostel. But there are days where we expend about 30euros only – couchsurfing, street eating, no travel and no museums help a lot.

I’m trying to keep a page with this Teso expenses list, but no time to update… on the internet. But for the moment I assure you that you can easily travel in Poland for less than 30eur/day/person.

3 thoughts on “TESO – the expenses tracker

  1. wow that’s impressive!! I have problems staying under my budgeted 30CHF per day for food only here in Geneva – and you manage to keep an average of only 1.5 times that amount for food, accommodation, travel and other!?

    i guess coach surfing must help quite a lot.

    keep enjoying your trip!

  2. tidy guys… maybe rather having a paper Teso in your booklet would be helpful? Also, you have now turned north, and somewhat west.. what is going on 🙂 looking forward to the next post to see where you are.
    Sunny Saturday here in Geneva, national day in Italy (April 25).
    A hug to both, A&G

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