Poste restante

On the road we have almost everywhere a way to access the internet, it can be an internet cafe or at our host or hostel. However in most of these places the time we can access the internet is limited (also because of the good weather outside). Thus we do not as much time as we would like to read, write and reply emails, neither to post here.

But we do not want to cut personal contact with you, neither that you cut it with us, so we propose to come back to old methods, meaning pen friend and exchange letters (or post cards, or exibithion tickets…) using the Poste Restante.

We have put on the right column a new section where we will put destinations we will certainly pass in the near future and you can address letters to us, which for sure we will reply sooner than email. In the link you can see how to address letters and you know our names: Miguel Anjo / Eva Pfarrwaller. Just send to the city and we will go to the main post office to pick them up. Remind that international letters take usually between 1 and 2 weeks to arrive. No need to email confirm, we will go to ask for Poste restante in any case, so we will be happy for any surprise letter.