The Rough Guide to Backpackers Services – Internet Cafes

  • May 7, 2009
  • Miguel
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It is nice when an hostel offers internet access for free, when they have a computer available for the guests. However this computer should have a restricted account, an updated anti-virus and not be used by the hostel personnel to download movies. Else in few weeks, as was often the case, computer is slow and infects any memory card connected to and annoys more than it serves.

All this is also true for internet cafes, where furthermore, you pay for. And when you pay for a service, good condition keyboard, mouse and screen are the only way to make the client to stay longer and come back. In Gdansk they even offered a coffee! And as everything was working well and was comfortable, we paid and stayed an extra hour. Even if this was the most expensive internet place we have been in Poland. You feel efficient when you have work conditions and one hour there was, at the end, cheaper than hour and half elsewhere with worst computers and less comfort.

One idea(l) internet cafe would be with rental laptops, not very big, that probably run Linux (or windows at extra charge) and that you attach with a security cable to the table, not only for safety but also not to fall off the table. And the table would have the electricity plug of course. Just wi-fi access (your own laptop) would have an hourly price convertible in drinks that day.