Day: May 14, 2009

General Miguel

Napkins and country development

Before I had already wrote (in my diary) that country development can be very well defined by the space and priority given to the pedestrians. This can be measured in existence and size of side walks, cars parked or not on them, cars stopping for pedestrian crossing, existence of sidewalks on coutry side or marked […]

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Eva Latvia LV - Riga Trains

A word about trains

Wherever we can, we try to take a train. In Poland people told us several times that trains are slow, expensive and uncomfortable. Well, I don’t agree….It’s true that in Poland trains are slow, mainly because they usually stop at every possible train station, quite often for as long as half an hour and they […]

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Latvia LV - Riga Miguel

Unexpected internet – no train

We were quite happy today that we managed to get a train from West-Daugava Riga to main station just in time to get a connection train to go and see the Sea. But after buying the connection train ticket we realized that this good connection was only on weekends. so no we have one hour […]

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