Napkins and country development

Before I had already wrote (in my diary) that country development can be very well defined by the space and priority given to the pedestrians. This can be measured in existence and size of side walks, cars parked or not on them, cars stopping for pedestrian crossing, existence of sidewalks on coutry side or marked trails, etc.

These days I’ve notice a different measure tool for this country development in ex-soviet republics and it is called: napkin.

On our move towards East the things had improved. Yes, it is true. In Poland the restaurant napkins were so thin that hardly you could use them, they were just like the ones used in the Portuguese coffee places to put below the cake. Crossed the border, in Lithuania we had real paper napkins, but the ones of small size. Now here in Latvia, yes, we have the ones we got used everywhere else. We wonder how they will look like in Estonia – colors? fabric?