The Rough Guide to Backpackers Services – Bycicle renting

Now is the time in Portugal to invest in a nice big bike repair/selling/renting shop. In the center (or not far from) and close to a metro station. Flyers in tourist office and hostels; suggested trips to Sintra, Caparica; free info (and selling maps) on routes around Portugal.
Propose electrical bikes for those afraid of sweting or riding uphill. One month try&buy system. For bike rental, different types of bikes, ask what person wants to do and his experience and then advice. Rent bikes with good gear system (Deore at least), as is harder to brake and easier to use. Breaks should work very well, so short check at the end of each rental period to see if tunning is needed. Same for gears. Bikes are like airplanes, cars, everything: regular maintainance keeps them alive for much longer. Helmets, lockers are part of the renting.
Selling bikes, while is a business, true, it is nice to advice and say that required accessories (helmet, lights, locker, mud guards) are expensive and should be part of the budget.
When repairing, custumer relationship is important, keep history, try to know the kind of cyclist the customer is and suggest improvements to the bike.

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  1. the one-month "try&buy" would be more like "try&bye-bye". Even more when the economic climate is, so-to-speak, funny. You've been off Portugal too long, my friend… 🙂 But anyway, a damn good idea. happy trips, my friends!

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