Day: May 22, 2009


Need your input!

During our stay in Russia we will take part in a volunteering project in southern Siberia (Buryatia, an autonomous region close to Mongolia). It’s a Summer school organised by a local girl who lives in Moscow now and who wants to bring something from the “developed” world to 2 small villages there. So we will […]

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EE - Tallinn Estonia Eva ideas

Simplify your life

I notice that we are used to all kinds of things that are just for our comfort but not really necessary.The first thing, we are travelling with just a small backpack and few clothes, and we manage.And then, we see others peoples places and lifestyles and I think we can learn a lot from this.A […]

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EE - Tallinn Estonia Eva

Regarde le ciel…

Look at the sky!I will say this a lot of times in the weeks to come I guess.We are in Tallinn (Estonia) and the days are getting longer and longer. Last night we walked home after midnight and the sky was of a very special blue colour, I had never seen this before. The horizon […]

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