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During our stay in Russia we will take part in a volunteering project in southern Siberia (Buryatia, an autonomous region close to Mongolia). It’s a Summer school organised by a local girl who lives in Moscow now and who wants to bring something from the “developed” world to 2 small villages there. So we will be teaching the kids there for a week each.
Because of my professial background, she would like me to do something health-related, maybe sexual education (as nobody talked about this there and they have a lot of teenage mothers).
Well, I do have some ideas of course, but need a bit of input from you out there. Any ideas? What do you think about talking about health and/or sexual issues to the kids there? And in which way? Maybe I should include some non-verbal things like arts/painting?
Whatever your ideas and thoughts, let me know. The project starts end of June.
And this is the website:

3 thoughts on “Need your input!

  1. Hi Eva,

    Mafalda did some work in sexual education for very young children (7-8 years old), maybe you could ask her for help. Just ask Miguel her email.
    We might have some stuff, but it portuguese, but you do have a portuguese near by, even in Russia.

  2. hello Eva? j’ai donné un cours de ce genre aux ados du camp diabétique, ce que j’avais fait: ils écrivent leurs questions sur une feuille, qu’ils plient et après tu réponds aux questions (par thème), parfois ils sont plus a l’aise si tu fais des cours pour les filles séparement des garçons, bonne chance…

  3. Hello Eva,
    I have a fresh story from the crèche and I think you should start with the sexual education at the early age.
    Let's just say that fellatio can be already provided by a 4 year old to another 4 year old. A true story from Nyon!! (they were caught by me colleague though, so I don't have any photos to prove it). More details on request…

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