A museum visit

We are now on our last stop in Estonia: Narva. More than 90% are Russian speakers, so it already feels a bit like Russia here. Actually it´s just across the river (which we plan to cross tomorrow…). We spent the afternoon walking around, looking at some buildings from industrial times, a half destroyed lutheran cathedral (most churches we´ve seen so far are completely destroyed and rebuilt) and the fortress. In the fortress we saw some posters for some interesting-looking photo exhibitions, so we went to the “Art Gallery” which is also called “Narva Museum” but the castle is also called the Museum… whatever.
Inside the Art Gallery, a typical museum experience for this part of the world:
We enter. To the left, the cloakroom with space for about 200 coats (at least). There are about 3 coats hanging there. To the right, a door saying “kassa”. Inside, the “kassa” with a nice lady. We buy the tickets and start to go upstairs (the lady told us to do so in a mix of English and Russian). Another lady comes with us. She opens the doors to the different rooms, switches on the lights (and switches them off again after we have left the room). In one room the alarm goes off (she forgot to switch it off I guess). When we have finished one room she shows us where to go next.
We might have been the only visitors all day…
The exhibitions… well, they were not the ones we thought (they were actually in the castle museum). But never mind, just the museum is worth the experience!

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  1. Amazing. It reminds me of a visit I did in Peru to an Archeologist’s private museum. His wife guided me through the dusty rooms. Museums are great…

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