Tallinn – Kumu

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We arrived to Tallinn from Tartu, by train in the evening. We were met at the train station by Marion, yet another couchsurfing host, who took us to her home in a district of nice wooden houses close to the old town. For me, quite the perfect location.
In the evening we went to a cafe called “Kompressor”, where we had the best pancakes ever, and a huge portion!
The weather was rather fresh and windy, with a bit of rain, but that’s actually the best weather to explore a city. One day we went to “Kumu”, the art museum. We started on the top floor with the interesting temporary modern art exhibitions, followed by shorter visits to the other floors. The cafe was invaded by finnish seniors who were apparently starving (at least they were very impatient in the queue). This photo is taken just outside the main entrance of the museum.
I liked Tallinn a lot. It’s not too big, has a nice old town and a lot of art galleries. It’s definitely on the list of cities where I could live.