Russian Toilet Experience – 2

St Petersburg. Walking around in town. There’s a bus. But something is different. It’s not moving. It’s a toilet bus! Yes, a trolley bus, converted into a toilet. Women on the left, men on the right.
Inside, a counter where a lady collects the money. And then, the smallest space I ever had for a pee. Basically, tiny cubicles, the side wall not higher than my shoulders (so when I stand up I can see everything my neighbor is doing). I can only close the door completely when I actually sit on the toilet.
In every cubicle, a sign reminding the women that you are supposed to sit on the toilet and not stand on it.
And there’s something wrong with the flush: instead of flushing everything down, the previous user’s “products” are flushed up again…
Interesting place.
Miguel took pictures so maybe he will upload one later.

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