Kizhi island, the photo

If you check the last edition of Lonely Planet Russia, from March 2009 (but some very outdated things, I’ll do a post later about it), there is this wooden church in the cover.

We went there and it is very magical island in Karelia (well, the island does not belong to Karelia, but we come from Petrozavods which is in Karelia). Very old, all made of wood and Unesco patrimony.

We went there by boat, which was the most expensive thing on our trip so far but on the island we were warned about also high foreign prices to visit, so we prepared the Russian price we saw before boarding, 200R/person. Once there the price list in Russian was different and more complex and we do not see anymore the 200R price. So we decide to give 130R/person, which was writen for something. The lady look at us and makes strange face, asks “studenty?” and I give 100R more thinking she would not believe we are students. At same time I say “Da” and she gives back the 100R and also 40R of change. So we got the Russian student price, 130R instead of the 650R for foreigner price. What an achievement.