Moscow – Elena and Alex

Elena and Alex have a kid, Dmitri, year and half old. They like cycling and in their last mail they said “from Monday you can stay as long you want, but we mightn ot be here on weekends”. “Here” is Moscow. They lived in nice suburbs building, about 45 minutes from the center after tram and metro. The appartment was almost in western standards even if they used the big room for sleeping instead of living. Again the usual mess, no order whatsoever and almost no free space on the kitchen to put things to eat. This lack of order also means lack of cleaning of all kitchen appliances. Since some time we are used to this.

We stayed in Dmitri’s room, in a IKEA sofa, quite confortable. Unfortunately better beds always mean less contact.

Monday they said we could arrive after 15:00 but at 15:20 they send an SMS that from 16 to 22 they are not there. As there was no time to arrive before 16, we were stuck until 22. They were nice when we met and we talked a while. Alex works on IT field, is big and beautiful; Elena finished her PhD on Maths modelling. Alex goes to work around 9am. we were tired from the train and wanted to sleep.

Next day at 10:30, when we finished to dress up, Elena says we have to leave in 15 minutes. Eva still tried “but we can leave afterwards…”. “No, you leave with me”. And Alex should be home around 20. At 19 a SMS: “will you be home before 21?”. Understanding we replied that we arrive only at 23. He thanks and we arrive late so he can go to cycle. Time to leave next morning is 9+-15minutes, after we questioned. And “would you be interested to sleep at our Datsha tomorrow?”. He wanted to go there and we had to follow, no way to say no. “There is a pool and you can do banya” he added to try making more appealing. “Ok”, next day we carry all day stuff to bring to datsha as we can’t return home before.

Her parents there are very nice and we had good time.

Thursday we leave datsha at 10 and Elena takes us to see a monastery called NewJerusalem. At 12:15 we arrive home to leave the bag and then she says that Alex will be back at 22:00. tuck outside again, we contacted Jolanda, Eva’s brother’s friend, to take us to some art show. At 22, while we were going to train station to buy ticket for next morning train, an SMS “we will be home only at 23. sorry”. Luckly we were not yet going home. At 23:30 we were going home. Not feeling bad at all about the late time but in any case we warn them that we estimate to arrive around midnight. The tram we take, even if the good number, is going to “depo” and takes a different way. We have to stop a car and go home for 100R more. At 0:15 we arrive, Alex is sleepy and opens the door. “Good night” was the only changed words. Friday morning when he wakes up we are ready to leave. “Bye, maybe see you in Switzerland” we said ironically.