Russian train experience

Train left on time – 22:02. First carriage was 3rd (plaskartny) class. We got the wagon edge upper berths. Russian third class has not closed spaces of 6 beds. Two lower ones where we sit during the day; two upper ones where all matresses and blankets are during the day and two on the other side of the corridor (russian trains are larger than europeans ones), being the lower one transformed on 2 sits and table during the day. The luggage can be put under the lower sits or on a shelf above the upper berths.
The side berths is 180cm long which makes turning and staying with straight legs a bit unconfortable for me. After checking the tickets for second time (first time with passport at entrance of the train), the wagon responsible distributes a bag with towel and bed sheets. This responsible can also serve tea from a wooden fire heater at one edge of the wagon. We can all use this hot water, and we plan now to buy a small mug to make tea/coffee ourselves.
Tickets are quite cheap in third class, we paid 575R each (about 13EUR) for night train to Petrozavods (about 600km).
More train experiences will go in other posts. Last night on the train to Moscow we talked for a while with a Russian guy which at some point, while Eva was on the toilet, told me ‘Maybe you want now to make the berth to your lady?’… And Eva got her bed nicely done by me.