Internet places – a nightmare

We decided not to take computer, not even a small one, with us for the trip. We do not regret and would do the same if we would start now. Taking small computer means one more thing to take care, that should not receive shocks; means an extra transformer/cable/weight; means an extra worry when leaving luggage on place you don’t trust so much; means a feeling of obligation of writing/using it whenever possible which could mean carrying it whole day in small bag (even when battery run out).

But on the other hand our experience with internet places is far from the best. While at our hosts we can use the computer, we tend to minimize the time there as we want to share the time with the hosts and also because either only me or only Eva can be at the computer. But usually is from our hosts computers, which are fast and more virus free, that we access our banking to see how much money we have left.

Internet places, I wrote already about them once, are usually not friendly places. Either the computer have virus and are slow or hang (like where we are now in Moscow), or the owner of the place is by your side playing games and smoking, or the keyboard works badly, or… Well, we are loosing the patience on the current one. Kids running around while playing some games, computer that constantly hangs, half of the features that do not work… And this after more than one hour of way from our hosts to this internet place, as moscow is enormous…