Impressions from Moscow

After four days in Moscow, here are couple of picture impressions of it.
Arrival at Leningrad voksal, one of the nine train stations, after the night train where we met Oleg.
Russian (Moscow and St. Petersburg) metro, where we spent several hours in the middle of all the people. The metro is beautiful and impressive. Stations are 50 to 75 meters underground so they can be used as shelters in case of war.
Red Square and Kremlin, the basic Moscow. We went there the first day and also to near the university where we have a panoramic view of the city.
An excelent contemporary dance show where Jolanda took us.

Jolanda, friend of Thomas (Eva’s brother) and who lives in Moscow for five years now studying cinema. She was our saviour in the big city reliefing us from all the stress we were gaining there. Спасибо!