Day: June 10, 2009

Books Eva

Travel Literature

Travelling in Russia means a lot of train travel. Long train travel. Looking out of the window is nice but not so entertaining (birch forest-village-old factory-birch forest etc) so a good book is an essential companion. Well, on our last train journey I finished a great book (which always makes me feel a bit sad, […]

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Miguel RU - Kazan Russia

Free night in hotel?

We arrived yesterday at 23:30 to Kazan in Tartastan republic. While looking for hotel, at one place they say they were full (but we did not believe), second place the room was too expensive for us and third place, already at 00:20, they had a room, bit expensive, but we accepted. Everywhere in the papers […]

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Eva RU - Kazan Russia


Last night we arrived in Kazan. For once we decided to take a day train which took 8 hours from Nizhny Novgorod to Kazan, but it was comfortable (this time we had 2nd class seats, whereas for sleeping we prefer 3rd class). After some logistic challenges (we arrived just before midnight without hotel reservation, one […]

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