Travel Literature

Travelling in Russia means a lot of train travel. Long train travel. Looking out of the window is nice but not so entertaining (birch forest-village-old factory-birch forest etc) so a good book is an essential companion.

Well, on our last train journey I finished a great book (which always makes me feel a bit sad, like having to say goodbye to a travel companion). It was Paul Theroux’s “Ghost Train to the Eastern Star”. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes travelling, especially in trains. He went on a train trip through the middle east, India, Asia and Russia. It’s interesting to read his experiences and reflections about travelling.

Now I will switch to reading some books in German (fortunately I bought 2 books in St Petersburg, as here I would not even find a decent book in English – except for Romeo and Juliet for russian students with a cheesy picture on the front).