Train ride from Kazan to Omsk

This was our first really long train ride. 28 hours, 3rd class, side berths (which are more comfortable for a long trip during the day, but less comfortable for sleeping).
In a compartement close to ours, there was a group of young male Russians who spent the whole trip drinking beer (I actually saw one guy eating instant noodles once during 24 hours) and sleeping. One of them got completely drunk at 2 pm and had to be lifted into his berth by his friends, from where he tried to “escape” twice but then fell asleep for the next 12 hours.
In the compartment next to ours, two women (who I took to be mother and daughter). The mother, already elderly (but I’m sure she was not more than around 40), was wearing light blue pijamas that were a bit too tight around her (slightly fat) bottom and also a bit too transparent, showed off every time she went to the toilet. She spent the time sitting on her bed, trying to talk to her daughter and playing with her mobile phone.
The younger one (the daughter) was in bed, wearing a very short silky bathrobe with red roses, and looking very sullen all the time. She spend all the time in bed, either sleeping or playing with her mobile phone, except for a few moments when she sat up gracefully, put on her very high heel leopard sandals, to eat a yogourt and then brush her hair, before lying down again.
Further back in the wagon, a middle aged woman with a slightly crazy look on her face, travelling with a very tiny dog that was shivering most of the time and being photographed a lot by his owner.
Russian women usually dress up a lot, but in the trains most of them are about as un-elegant as possible, wearing sports clothes (at the best) or tight pijamas (at the worst).