Day: June 14, 2009

Miguel RU - Omsk Russia

Small world of CouchSurfing

The CS world is small in Russia. Talking with Filip, the Spanish which was going from Ukrain to do a 6-week Russian course in Novosibirsk, he tells me, along with the beer at Tanya’s place, that he hosted at his place, back in Ukrain, a english guy who was left at -30 degrees in middle […]

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Eva Russia Trains

Train ride with Sergei

During our train ride from Omsk to Krasnoyarsk, we met Sergei. He was in the same compartement and going to Novosibirsk. Thanks to our dictionary we managed to communicate a bit with him, even if he didn’t speak any English. He had been in Germany (but didn’t speak any German either). I don’t know how […]

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