Train ride with Sergei

During our train ride from Omsk to Krasnoyarsk, we met Sergei. He was in the same compartement and going to Novosibirsk. Thanks to our dictionary we managed to communicate a bit with him, even if he didn’t speak any English. He had been in Germany (but didn’t speak any German either). I don’t know how old he was. From the state of his teeth I would have said he was at least 70 and badly in need of third teeth, but I guess he was not even 50.
(I have never seen so many people, even young, with such bad teeth as in Russia).
He offered us home-baked cakes and sweets.
In this train a young woman came regularly pushing a cart with some food, the usual instant noodles, packs of biscuits and Snickers. We had already two bulging bags of food and drink with us, but Sergei always wanted to buy something for us. First it was biscuits (we already had a big box) and a bottle of water (we already had 1.5 litres). Later it was a pack of crisps (to accompany our beer…).
When we had our dinner, Miguel just about managed to persuade him to take a sandwich of ham and cucumber, but he wouldn’t accept anything else from us.
When he left the train in Novosibirsk, he left all his food and drink for us (the biscuits, the sweets, the bottle of water, even his tea bags). We took part of it but had to leave the water and tea in the train, it was just too much.