Day: June 19, 2009

Eva Russia

Being taken care of in Russia

There are a lot of things here in Russia that make travelling very tiring. But from time to time we meet people who would turn the world upside down in order to help us.In Omsk we stayed with Tanya and her son, who we found through couchsurfing. From there we went on to Krasnoyarsk, but […]

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Eva RU - Siberia RU - Ulan-Ude Russia Trains

Train ride with Buddhists

In order to complete our “train marathon” to get to Ulan-Ude in time, we took another 24-hour train trip from Krasnoyarsk to Ulan-Ude. I was already very tired from two bad nights on an uncomfortable couch in a dirty flat and somehow regretted having bought 3rd class tickets again. During one of our last trips […]

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General Russia

Russia pessimistic opinion

The general sentence we decided that defines our feelings with Russia is:Lack of consideration of the society towards the individual

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