Moscow time

Now is 7:30am, Moscow time. This is the only time we can see if we go to Ulan-Ude’s train station, at all the screens, all the clocks, all the guichets.

In Russia, like many other things, also the trains run as Moscow. In this case using Moscow time. It means that, when we are in Ulan-Ude, where now is in reality 12:30, and use the machine to check train timetables, all the times that appear have a 5 hours decallage. So if we want a good train to leave from here in the morning, let’s say, between 9 and 12, we should look for trains leaving between 4 and 7am. Then if we want to arrive to Vladisvostok, which is MT+8, we have to pay attention that trains arriving later than the 16:00 in the computer, means they arrive later than midnight, local time.

But which makes things more crazy, is that usually the ticket windows have a strict timetable, each window a different one. Example: opens at 8, closes at 18, lunch break from 11 to 12, technical break (or pissing’n’smoking break) from 10 to 10:15 and from 15:15 to 15:30. BUT… these are MT – moscow times. So let’s make the conversion and hope, that after your 30 minutes wait in queuing you do not hit one of the break times and have to wait a bit more. Or else just do like Russians, look at timetable of all closed windows, check which one will be open soon and just queue there.

Well, we already found that is easier to buy ticket on the internet (with help of a Russian person) and then just go and pick at the station, where they are creating special boths only for this. But no one knows about them, not even at the station (as we realized in Omsk), so you just have to go around and discover yourself where they are (usually in the service center which works from 9 to 17… MT).

Ah, also the dinning-car in the trains have a timetable, Moscow time we believe. But not always specified and we did not try them yet.

The picture on the bottom is the train timetable which we find inside the train we are taking. This timetable had two columns, it was a 5 nitghts train from Moscow to somewhere really in the East. We just did about 24hours, from Omsk (Омск) to Krasnoyarks (Краснояск).