Day: July 1, 2009

Eva RU - Buryatia School Russia

The story of the sheep’s head

Those of you who have been on my flickr homepage and seen the photos from our Buryat Summer School experience are probably impatient to hear the story of the sheep’s head… 🙂 so here you go. Part of our extensive “social program” during the Summer School was to visit some buddhist celebrations called “Surcharban”. One […]

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Miguel RU - Buryatia School Russia

Buryatian dictionary

Aimed to portuguese readers, some of the words we learnt during the school:Good night – Han UntugtiThank you – Han daaI’m portuguese – Be Portugalia’haGood morning – dobro utra (as russia)I’m full – SadapWater – UhanHot tea – AlunzeGrand-mother – ToviHello – San beneSee you – BaierteBread – Talhan

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