Three months – equipement review

Lost items:
– Baltic states Guidebook in Kaunas. Replaced by new one in Kaunas.
– Travel towel from Eva in Moscow. Not replaced.
– One sock from Eva. Other one will be used for the mobile phone

Not used items (ready to give away):
– Black cycling polar vest from Miguel
– Jumping rope
– Plug converter (maybe useful in China or Korea)
– vodka shot metal glasses (everyone that gave vodka has glasses)

Given items:
– several reading books
– Poland and Baltic states guidebook

Items replaced:
– couple of Eva’s slips

Items to be replaced soon:
– Eva’s hiking trousers
– Miguel’s orange t-shirt

Items bought (apart of perishable items and books):
– long sleeve t-shirt for Eva
– memory card for Miguel camera’s
– USB pen drive for backup of pictures