Itchy, itchy, itchy….

Since our 4 nights spent in Dora’s apartment in Severobaikalsk (see previous post), I have maybe 20 or 30 little red spots on my legs, itching like hell. Most of them are in lines of 3 or 4, making it easy to identify…. BEDBUGS. I have been scratching my legs ever since (which means for 4 days now), applying Fenistil gel and finally taking Zyrtec. This is typically one of the “diseases” you never learn about as a doctor unless you specifically do some reading, so I tried the internet to know more. And I got answers very quickly on
So, tonight I will empty and clean every corner of my backpack and inspect my night clothes. And as one can read on the website, the reaction can continue for as long as weeks (!!!) so I guess I will continue with Zyrtec for a while.
AHHH as I write this my ankles start itching again…..
Hm, the pleasures of travelling.

4 thoughts on “Itchy, itchy, itchy….

  1. After dinner I was talking with my girlfriend about general news of the day and she said, very naturally "Ah, Miguel has bedbugs". LOL

  2. Eva, you probably remember a conversation about how paranoic I was with ticks, right? I just hate them. And mosquitoes as well.

    Well, I forgot to mention bedbugs. Disgusting little things, very difficult to get rid of once you have them in the house (or in the backpack…)…

    Good luck and be sure not to bring them to Geneva otherwise I will have to move !!!!!! 🙂

  3. First it was Eva, but now is me as well. And this morning we found one, run over by my foot during the night, leaving a good mark of sucked blood in the bed sheet just besides his body. So it was not only in Severobaikalsk room, but also on this one there were bugs… Fortunately my reaction is not so strong and I only have non itching big red patches on my foot and arm.

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