Russia impressions during a morning before going out of the hotel

1) At the end of the breakfast we leave the bill with the payment over the table and leave. A waiter comes behind asking if we did not forgot to take the receipt with us. Ok, this could be the case. Anyway, we took 3 times the breakfast there,the waiter that takes the orders never could get it completely right (once gives tea with lemon instead of milk, other time a different type of kasha, today only one tvorak instead of the two we asked).

2) We meet the guy from travel agency who is selling us the tickets for tomorrow’s boat to Sakhalin. First time we use a travel agency for something, but we do not want to make 10-hour queue not speaking russian that every travel blog talks about for those who tried. He wants to know the wagon of the train where we will arrive to Vanino. Eva says she will pick up from the room. He says he will come with us. Ok. Arriving to the room, Eva opens the door and immediatly he gets into the room as if it was his also. Lack of private space is common everywhere in Russia.

3) After doing the check-out from the room – which in Russia includes to ask the lady from the floor to check that we did not broke or steal anything -, we ask in the reception where we can leave the luggage. “What?, leave luggage?,  maybe the security guy knows…”. The security guy seemed a bit more used to this practise which I tought it was universal. Except here.