Reshiri Island, Japan

We arrived in Wakkanai at the northern tip of Hokkaido on the 28th July. Wakkanai is a small town, there’s not really much to do except very practical things for us: laundry and going to the post office. So the next day we took another ferry which took us to the island of Reshiri within less than 2 hours. The weather was nice and the temperature around 20 degrees which made the humidity easy to stand. We found a nice small, brand new hotel, with a young english speaking owner who knew all about hiking on the island. He also lent us a bike and we rented another one, and went cycling on the island’s cycling path, which was perfectly asphalted, with signs telling you when it was going up and down and where to be careful about crossing cars and pedestrians. Just Miguel’s bike was a bit small for him…

We also had the chance to observe several families drying seaweed by the shore, and tying them in neat packages:

The next day we went for a hike up a hill and on to a small artificial lake. The Japanese are great hikers, and even this small trail had its difficulties, being quite steep in certain places. As we hadn’t done much hiking for quite some time this 3-hour walk was pretty tiring!
On the way back we took part of the cycling route to get back to the harbour. There were even bridges built only for bikes!

As a reward, we found a “foot onsen” (sort of a hot spring bath for feet) on our way back to relax our feet a bit before going to take the ferry back to Wakkanai.