Day: August 7, 2009

Korea KR - Busan Miguel

Day when they discovered the wrong birthdate in my old passport

Result was more than one hour in the customs office (was only 2 minutes before I was sent there, to the ‘interview’ room). Well, the story goes that, back in 1997, I was 17 by then, as Portuguese I needed a visa to go to the United States. My parents and friends decided to go […]

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General Japan Miguel

About Japan

Things I like in Japan+ It is an organized country+ Public transport is frequent, reliable and take us everywhere+Tourist offices exist in every train station, have maps and help with accomodation+ Public baths and onsens are relaxing+ Tatami floor in the room is very comfortable with japanese futons and pillows+ Set menus and boxed lunches […]

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Eva Japan JP - Kyoto JP - Sapporo

Through Japan towards the South

The idea behind travelling through Japan and South Korea was to arrive to China by land, and getting a visa on the way there. Apart from that, it also gave us a break from travelling in more “difficult” countries like Russia and China, the side effect being our budget jumping up to the sky. From […]

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