Korea, first toughts

Well, Korea is definitely a easy country to travel, quite recommended. Come soon as the roads and over-density is taking care of making it less appealing. While Korea has a different alphabet (not signs), many things are written in english. Hotels – or better, love motels – are easy to find, they use the same sign that in Japan is used for hot springs. The mattresses are very hard but the rooms are clean and adventurous (like our last with a round bed, this one with a half naked women in the door key). Transportation is mostly bus, very frequent, meaning about every 10/15 minutes between any two cities (yes, that often). It is quite cheap for europeans, room less than 25euros (for 2), meals less than 10euros plus drinks (beer is 2euros).

Particularities of Korea is that all their food is spicy (ok, 90%), but since my first visit in 2003, I see that now is much easier to find western food and bakeries (and chocolate instead of beans in the croissants); there are many, many shops. They are crazy about hiking and there are dozens of shops specialized in hiking (what we dreamed of it in Russia), many marked trails (but distances and maps still to improve).

On our first days here young people (<30) always start to talk with us, couple of times in the restaurant to recommend what to eat, translate the menu, help with the traditional way of eating something. This completely spontaneously. Their english is reasonable and their will to talk is great.

2 thoughts on “Korea, first toughts

  1. I wish you have a pleasant stay. Korea as a lot of cultural differences from us but they are just lovely. The old builiding and the old villages are the most pretty ones.
    Carefull with the kimchi. Very nice to eat but after 2 days it can really harm your stomack.
    I really missi Korea.
    For all you Aniongaséyó 😛
    have fun

  2. when you talk about Korea, Miguel, you always convey this feeling of curiosity, difference and funny peace. Seems the same this time too. I must say, you push it much up in my list of places, when I'll dare opening the "Asia" chapter. Eva, not sure now if you have been there before too, you guy's have done some many trips 🙂 Still hot summer days here, very pleasant, though the days are much shorter, you must have realized too. Anne's parents have arrived last Friday, Sat fete Gevene, Sunday Aguillde de Midi. Now they're in Malta. T he come back tomorrow, and we'll be in Bergamo->Croatia next week. Are you still in the business of trying to receive postcatds at the poste restante or that is not practical? Hug you both, Gio

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