Korean technology at the service of the tourist – part I

This post has just one bad picture of me, today, in an excellent museum in Seoul called Leeum Samsung Museum of Art. The entry price was expensive for Korean standards, 10kW (10’000Won) meaning a bit less than 6euros plus 2kW for audio guide.

This museum has two buildings done by known architects and it is two museums into one. A Traditional Korean Art and a Modern&Comtemporary Art Museum. With the best of the bests in the Traditional Korean Art part, showing very important archeological pieces found in Korean territory.

After entering into the building which is surrounded by contemporary art sculptures, after getting the ticket, leaving the backpack for free in wardrobe we go up to the 4th floor to visit it.

Here (and all around the museum), besides of all the labels in Korean, English and Japanese, with excellent light, we are using a PDA around the neck with a small phone on the ear and, as soon as we get close to an object it starts to tell about it, no need to touch anything. In the screen appears more pictures of details of the object, the same explanation and a bit more. We can also ‘save’ as favourites a selected number of objects.
(me with a PDA/audioguide on the neck next metal miniature pagoda from the 11th century representing the existing Goryeo architecture of that time – which was in wood. It is the Korean National treasure 213)

This was the second time we had an audio-guide. In Gongju, when visiting the tombs, we also got one for free with the ticket (which was merely 2kW, 1,3euros) which even had videos explaining more history about the tombs and the kings that were inside and so on. Just wonderful.