One of the things I’m enjoying on this trip is to learn new vocabulary in many languages, seeing the differences among languages and so on. But more interesting are the alphabets and so far in the trip we crossed the latin, cyrillic, both japanese katakana and hiragana and now the korean hangeul.

The latter one I specially like it. In a first look it seems like symbols, easy chinese symbols, but they are just a simple 24 letter alphabet. It is organized in syllabic blocks, each block having at least two letters. The creators were linguists from the 15th century and is still acclaimed to be one of the most intelligently made alphabets. It took to me about one day to memorize the letters and now after a week in Korea I can read slowly the words in the menu. More information about the hangeul in wikipedia.

Miguel Anjo or Мигэль Анжo or ミゲル安城 or 미겔 안조