South Korea – Seoul

During our trip in South Korea, we went to Seoul twice. The first time in the middle of the trip, when we sorted out visas for China and visited some very nice museums.
One of them was the national contemporary art museum, where we saw Paik Nam June’s work “the more the better”: in the middle, a huge TV tower, and around, a spiral ramp going up, displaying his works of small square plates like these:
And this is how the whole thing looks like:

Our second visit to Seoul was to organise the ferry tickets to China, buy a guidebook for China, and just relax, like in the Olympic Park where we spent the afternoon of the first September day:

What else about Seoul? Huge city, fascinating but tiring, lots of neons, lots of people in the streets, young couples going to motels to spend their Sunday afternoon, shops and shops and shops and people buying and buying and buying, lots of restaurants and western-style coffee-chains….