No sense

Still in Pingyao, making time for the 00:09 train. When thinking that paying 1.5euros for a beer at the backpackers restaurant/bar is expensive we feel no sense. But in the chinese restaurant around the corner would be 40cents. In the shop maybe 20cents. But we were craving for wester food. Two cheesburgers please. They were good and came with french fries. Yeah, we arrive the backpackers paradise. From youth hostel with snooker table for free paying 10euros for a double room, to this kind of bars were raggae comes after a CD of the Beatles and the full meal costs, for two, always less than 6euros.

In China however the backpackers had its debuts (in Dali) but it is not yet fully in place, or it can’t be. Beijing or Shangai will always be more expensive cities where living under 20euros/day/person is difficult.

And here our fights with the net continue. Yesterday google maps worked, I managed to update the map of our trip. But the blogger is always censored and using proxies I cannot do everthing I want. Eva is feeling as a terrorist as she cannot login in facebook, banned in China since July. On the hostel we stayed the internet works a day over two. The day two, they explained, is a penalty because of too much bandwidth used the day before. China.

Eva wants some cookies. A group of chinese is buying them, the women gives them 5 and they pay with a 1yuan bill. Eva shows also a 1yuan bill and she gaves only 2 cookies. With a smile a 3rd one. Well, we know the world is not the same for everyone and that is the reason why we are travelling already for 5 months while a chinese could not even dream about it.

Time to go back to the table where Eva is alone drinking the second euro and half Snow brand beer. Local they say. Probably full of pollution. The fog is thick here, its cold, they start to use charbon to heat the houses. We read that 16 of the 20 most polluted world cities are here, in China.