After visiting the Terracota warriors and being mislead by a tout to take a slow bus, Eva feels bad. For couple days she has some headache. Overdose of China, she may lack some strength to support the chinese bad education (or “lack of”, or “different”, whatever you may call it). She asked me to buy Paracetamol but in the pharmacy they did not knew what was it. After a non-sense phone call from the lady in the pharmacy which did not speak any english to someone who speak but could not understand english and after understanding that there was no book (or computer) in the pharmacy where she could look what “paracetamol” is (I had written in a paper), she sells me some headache medicine all written in chinese in the box. After going out the pharmacy I open the box and see it is “Ibuprofen” which Eva specifically said she did not want, and which I specifically said in the pharmacy I did not want. Going back to the hotel and I ask at the reception to check on the internet how to write paracetamol in chinese. The lady in the pharmacy eventually gives me something which says clearly in the box in english “Paracetamol compound”. Eva asks me to know the ingredients, as she took already a good dose of Ibuprofen. Back to the reception for translating the chinese from the box… It is a medication for children… Eva cannot anymore from China at that moment. She rests while I go eat at hotel’s restaurant. After, I look around for another pharmacy but again the only have the “compound” thing, which is almost no paracetamol but mostly aspirin. Luckily the headache is gone.

Finally in Chengdu (17-Sept) we find a pharmacy where they have simple paracetamol. Eva is happy now.