Day: October 26, 2009

Miguel VN - Hanoi

Small world outside

On our way to the Hanoi train station we listen someone from the other side of the street: “Miguel”. We stop and looked. “It’s Ray, from couchsurfing.” After scratching the eyes to make sure, go around the motorbikes to cross the street and yes… it was Ray, from Singapore, who we hosted in Geneva last […]

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China Miguel

Last pictures of China

Some ducks going alive to the market in Yongshuo. Dentist offices facing the street… The karsts that are represented in the 20yuen banknote (near Yangshuo). Petrol station for the river boats. Hanging the laundry in the tree (view from the bus window). Chinese prisons… sorry, apartments. (we saw couple times warnings from the police saying […]

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CN - Guilin CN - Nanning CN - Yangshuo Eva Trains

China – Episode 2

From the centre of Hong Kong, we took the metro to the last station one rainy morning, and crossed the border to Shenzhen. At the train station we had to queue a bit – we could have bought our ticket in Hong Kong, but for a ridiculously high commission. Getting our sleeper tickets in Shenzhen […]

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