Small world outside

On our way to the Hanoi train station we listen someone from the other side of the street: “Miguel”. We stop and looked. “It’s Ray, from couchsurfing.”

After scratching the eyes to make sure, go around the motorbikes to cross the street and yes… it was Ray, from Singapore, who we hosted in Geneva last Christmas! Just there, on the other side of the street of old town Hanoi.

It was our plan since the beginning to give him back the Transiberian book he gave us last year, while making him a visit in Singapore. Few days ago I had even written him on the couchsurfing website. And now we made more sure we will meet again in a couple months at his place.

Already during this trip we “surfed” in Omsk, Russia with the same person which Ray had “surfed” with. Small world…

One thought on “Small world outside”

  1. hi eva and migiuel, been catching up a bit with your blog. The story about meeting the guy from the cauchsurfing sounds incredible, it must have given you goose bumps! Here we're fine. I've had a very hard last 10 days, I was working in the day and preparing a job application for the US at night, very tough – but over now, submitted everything on Friday. We'll be going off to Berlin next Friday, meeting 3 friends there from the UK, in the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Wall, so so looking forward.
    The picture of the rails is majestic.
    Hug you both,

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