Travel software and websites

One post I tough for long is about the few software I’ve put in my usb key and websites which help a lot during the trip. Maybe it can help you if you like to travel light without your own computer.

Firefox Portable – Firefox is still miles faster than IE, and is the one that works fine when you need to edit Google Maps (the one at the top of the blog). Many of internet cafes do not have it installed and is just a mess to download and install everytime (we did it often). I found this “portable” edition which you install on the usb key and it runs from there. You can keep you own bookmarks, it remembers your history and this way you also do not leave your history in the public computer.

IrfanView – It’s a simple picture editing software which I use mainly its “batch” feature, which allows me with few clicks to rename hundreds of photos and at same time move them to a different folder and if I want also to resize them to later put them on the web.

– FileZilla, Putty – this is a more geeky thing, not really necessary, I use to backup pictures on my website and so on.

– Google Maps – to make the map at the top of the blog
– Google Reader – to keep up to date with our friend blogs and world/local news
– Blogger – where we edit the blog
– Flickr – another tool for backing up the pictures
– Thorn Tree – Lonely Planet forum to get travelers updates on the next place to go
– HostelWorld – check what hostels are being preferred on the next stop.
– Weather Underground – to follow up the tropical weather warnings.
– News websites: DN and LeTemps (Miguel); NZZ and TdG (Eva).

Are there other suggestions?