This is the account of buying a train ticket at Kuala Lumpur Sentral Station.

We arrive at the ticket counter. The man who gives out the numbers asks where we want to go.
We: “Singapore, tomorrow 24th december.”
He: “No more tickets to Singapore until the 29th.”
We: “You sure?”
He: “Yes.”

We don’t quite believe him (one thing we learnt during our trip: never believe anything anybody tells you until you have a 100% proof).
We go to an Internet Cafe. We check the Malaysian train website, which takes about half an hour as it’s so slow. We see that there are around 30 first-class tickets for the train we want (they are actually cheaper than most bus tickets). We go back to the ticket counter.

We: “There ARE tickets to Singapore. First class.”
He: “I told you! No more tickets EXCEPT first class.”
Hmmmm….. do WE have a hearing problem?
He gives us a number. We go to the assigned ticket counter.

We: “Two tickets to Singapore for tomorrow 2 pm please.”
Ticket lady: “No more tickets for tomorrow.”
We (trying to keep calm): “Yes there are. First class. Please.”
She sells us the tickets (halleluja!).
Miguel: “Is there a dining car?”
Ticket lady: “Aahhh…. sometimes.”

WAAA! Is this a joke?